Herpes Relief

Healing the Natural Way


Are Prescription Drugs the Answer?



Most drugs prescribed today may provide some relief for a medical problem such as herpes simplex one, but are not a herpes cure.  Very few if any actual cure the disease, they only relieve symptoms. To go along with not fixing your medical issue, there is also the problem of side effects that these drugs cause. They help with one issue, but may cause you two to three more issues now and in the future.  You will find people today that take pills to help with arthritis, but may get a heart attack.  Some others are stopping depression, but you may get diabetes.  Is this really a good answer?? 


I have not even started to look at the other side effects,this is only side effects caused by drugs. What about the serious health issues of having surgery, chemo,radiation, mammograms and MRIs.  Theseall have risks and side effects as well.  A good example of this is mammograms. Since mammograms has been used, breast cancer has increased over 300%.  Most of these are caused by the radiationfrom having a mammogram. 

After all that is being done in the medical industry today,can you actually say that they are serving your best interests?   This means you must blindly take all your doctors advice as the best course of action for your health.  Maybe we should wake up and not be deceived by the billion dollar advertising going on in our public media every day.   These prescription drugs that do not cure anything, and cause more issues than they solve. 

So how do we go away from this medical problem and discoverthe true healing process??  To do this weneed to understand our body.  The body ismade up of over seventy percent water, and water is almost ninety percentoxygen.  So what is the most essentialelement in our bodies??  Oxygen!!  Think about it, you can live without food forweeks, without water for days, but how long can you live without oxygen??   You got it, not very long, you have to haveit to survive.

So why isn’t oxygen used more to help heal us then.  Well it is used to help with some health conditions.  High pressure oxygen has been used to treat gangrene, decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning.   Patients that are close to death are often given oxygen to keep them alive.  But oxygen is seldom used to prevent disease in the first place.   Oxygen deficiency is linked to many diseases and oxygen is used in many ways to even kill cancer.   Many drugs today actually are given to raise a persons oxygen level in the body.  These drugs as we know are very expensive and cause more issues than they fix.  There has got to be a better way. 


Disease is Big Business-Sad but True!



Today in America, people spend more money on health care,but are sicker than most people in other parts of the world.  Americas have a higher rate of cancer,diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease and many other diseases that are both curable and preventable.

So why with so many medical breakthroughs have the American people become more sick than any time in our history?  It makes me wonder if these great drugs theFDA is approving, and the pharmaceutical companies are making are really break throughs at all.   They are not preventing or curing anything in this country. 

But Wait, maybe that is the angle.  Keep America sick and wanting more.  Disease is big business.  We spend over two trillion on health care inthis country and it will double in another ten years.  All going to the pharmaceutical drugcompanies and the people who approve them. They are seeing profit margins of over 30000%.  Their markups on these drugs can be around 600,000%.  No one is going to walk away from that kindof money.  They are not going to heal youand give up their cash cow business.

You often hear about a problem with drugs in this country.  Well it is the pharma-cartelthat is running the drugs in this country. There are lobbyists in D.C. and senators in congress and the house profiting from this every day.  It will not end, never.  Doctors are also paidbig dollars to prescribe these drugs and you have seen the commercials in frontof you every day on tv, billboards, radio and the list goes on and on. 

Actually the drug companies have more to gain if you stay sick than if you are healthy.  Therefore drugs that relieve your sickness and not cure it are a good investment.  Keeping you and I sick is the ticket to much more wealth.  Sad thing about all this is that more people have died from preventable diseases than from all the world wars put together.  

The information being kept from the public could have keptpeople from death for many years.  Thedeception is so great that when we get sick or do not feel well, all we have todo is take a pill and we will feel better. What is sad is the agency that is supposed to protect the publics health(Food and Drug Administration ) makes it a priority to promote thesedrugs.  Again we are talking big timemoney, that no one is going to walk away from. 

There are many diseases that have been invented as a way to sell more drugs.  Many diseases that were not heard of fifteen years ago are now the mainstream.  They range from depression, stress, sexual disorder,porn addiction, ADD, ADHD and the list goes on and on.  These diseases are brought on by junk food,soft drinks that have refined sugar and are fed to our children often and early. 

I could write on this subject for days, but I think you get the idea.  If you want to live a healthier life.  You need to eat better food, get more exercise and look to more holistic ways of fixing your health issues.